New Renaissance Bookshop: Portland, Oregon’s premier metaphysical bookstore offering books, music and holistic and sacred items in a serene inviting environment.  A lovely store to visit and shop for inspiration.  New Renaissance also has their own conference center where they host workshops, readings and book signings.

Barbara Hand Clow: Astrologer and writer extraordinaire.

Divine Flyte: Gifted Angel Therapy Practitioner Marika Reisberg offers Angel Readings and Intuitive Oracle Card Readings.  Simply Divine!

Presence of Heart: Transformational, life-changing and magical journeys to the Sacred Sites of Egypt with Jane Bell.

Omega Institute: My favorite place for holistic workshops and retreats.  Just fabulous.

David Groode: An amazing professional Psychic and Numerologist offering transformational seminars and life-changing events.

Corelight: South African teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston, enlightenment teacher par excellence.

Hidden Lake Retreat: A beautiful retreat center located in the foothills of Mount Hood, 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

Stillheart Institute: Wonderful retreat center located in Woodside, California.

John Seed: Deep Ecologist and Founder/Director of the Rainforest Information Center in Australia.

John Perkins: Shamanic teacher and author of the best-seller Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces:  A beautiful store in Portland, Oregon offering sacred objects, crystals, music for meditation and everything essential to bringing the sacred into your life.


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