Kathy Stanley: Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Ecology and Ecopsychology instructor, Creative Arts Facilitator, Writer and Environmental Activist.KathyStanley2012

As a spiritual life coach I offer empowering sessions for seekers waking up to the sacred within themselves or those longing for deeper connection with their soulful nature. For over 20 years I have studied with a wide variety of teachers in the fields of enlightenment, shamanism, meditation, ecopsychology and women’s spirituality.

I also teach ecopsychology and spiritual ecology and I offer eco-therapeutic practices and workshops that help to build eco-resilience in this time of ecological uncertainty. I was drawn to this work as I have felt an intimate kinship with animals from childhood, and it has been in the presence of animals and wild places in nature where I have felt the most joy and connection with life, and where I have felt personal transformation and an acceleration of my spiritual growth. Gaia, the great earth goddess, has been my primary spiritual guide. I believe that all the earth is sacred. I join joyfully in the many movements that are bringing back the remembrance of this sanctity of the earth. Some indigenous cultures have never lost this knowledge and I acknowledge and learn from their deep wisdom on this. But the Western mind is sorely in need of a re-connection with the spirit of Gaia and I see this work as part of my dharma, or my life’s vocation. I believe that earth’s shakti— her power and energy, is rising within us as we strive as a species to re-kindle our relationship with her and bring ourselves back into balance and sustainability with her biosphere. Working on ways that we can support the environment and strengthening our relationship with the earth are the medicine that will get us through these times. We are creatures that need to be in communion with the earth.

Working with me you will receive:

~ safe & supportive space to evolve in your sacred journey
~ processes to help with navigating difficult points on the spiritual path
~ eco-therapeutic practices for supporting eco-anxiety around climate change
~ creative arts and eco-art activities to bring joy & deep inner empowerment from your Muse
~ focusing to support your forward action in creative work & life
~ access to mythic wisdom to support your psycho-spiritual journey
~ contemplative meditations to support your inner well-being
~ rituals for healing, self-care and ministering through the transitions & seasons in your life

I offer private sessions by Skype or phone, or in person in Portland, Oregon.

Adjunct Faculty, School of Undergraduate Studies, Sofia University
M.A. in Women’s Spirituality with Specializations at the Master’s Level in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Expression, Sofia University.
B.A. Creative Writing and English Literature,
Marylhurst University
Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Marylhurst University
Priestess, Seven Sisters Mystery School
Minister, Corelight Ministerial Training Program, Corelight
Member of Spiritual Directors International

I offer free introductory sessions. Fees: $65 – $125 sliding scale. Sessions are typically one hour but may be longer if we engage in creative processes.

For info on private sessions, contact me at kathyinpdx [at] gmail [dot] com
Sessions can be done by Skype, phone or in person in Portland, Oregon at my office at the corner of NW 23rd & Johnson Street.

This blog covers my interests in women’s spirituality, sacred travel, deep ecology, ecopsychology, animal communication, sacred site tours, astrology, metaphysics.

I also have two other blogs:
Labrish Jamaica: Musings on Earth and Life
Mangos and Coconuts: A Poetry Blog


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